Subject: Re: Dial Out Modem
To: Steve Doyle <>
From: Greg MATTHEWS <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 03/01/2001 15:04:01
can you tip to it? ie put something in /etc/remote to point to your modem, i 
cant remember exactly but somethin like:


not sure if this is exactly right for you, most modems prefer no parity. then 

tip modem

if this works then typing 
should result in OK

can you get this far? if this doesnt work then double check the /etc/remote 
(man remote) entry - i'm not in front of my bsd box at the moment. also check 
your modems required settings. if you can get this far then it shouldnt be a 
such a great step to get ppp working. let me know how you get on.

> I was wondering if anyone can give me a hand with my modem problems.
> I have set the modem up on serial port B of a Sparc 1+ running a generic
> 1.4.1 kernel, and so far have no been able to get it to play ball at all.
> (Modem is a US Robotics Sportster Flash flashed to v.90) I saw the earlier 
> postings to this list and followed the advice, and whilst I am further on, 
> have still a bit to go. 
> The latest state of things is that trying to use cu -p modem to test 
> the line reports that the line is busy if you try to use /dev/ttyb and
> will connect, but will accept no commands bar ~. and return no output
> whatsoever if /dev/dtyb is set.
> Needless to say the getty entry for /dev/ttyb in /etc/ttys has been
> removed and set to off, and the speed is set to 38400 (though even trying
> at 9600 has no effect).
> I cant see what else immediately springs to mind, I have had the cable 
> and modem on a pc to test them and they appear to be fine.
> Is it possible that the serial ports themselves are dead ?
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Steve.
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