Subject: backup/restore NVRAM in netbsd
To: None <>
From: Michael Ritzert <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/26/2000 01:43:43
i'm looking for a method to dump the contents of the nvram of my two
netbsd boxes (both 4c) to a file and eventually restore them later.

In sunos you can do something like  

	dd if=/dev/eeprom of=myfile bs=1 count=2048	to read the nvram
	dd if=myfile of=/dev/eeprom bs=1 count=2048	to restore the nvram

In netbsd /dev/eeprom is there but the command leads to a "device not
configured" error. Is there any device associated to the nvram? 
If not directly, is the nvram accessible via /dev/kmem ? if Yes, how?

related question: is there any way to set ethernet address and hostid
in a running kernel (again possible with adb under sunos)?

Thanks for any hint