Subject: Re: SparcStation 5 vs. 10
To: Len Rose <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/01/2000 00:51:21
On May 31, Len Rose wrote:
> SS10 is dog slow. The stock processors were 40mhz. I believe the slowest SS5
> was 75mhz. Most of the SS10's you see being sold are also single processor.


  An SS10 with an SM41 (40MHz) will easily outperform, in most
situations, a 70MHz SS5.  I've said it dozens of times before, and
I'll say it again: clock speed is NOT a measure of computer
performance.  Anyone technical enough to be on this list in the
first place should darned well know that.

  About those "stock processors"...are we only talking about "stock"
processors?  I don't know anyone who's running an SS10 for historical
value...they're just not that old.  So I doubt anyone is really
interested in maintaining "stock" configurations.  Which goes on to
suggest that many SS10 machines (including three in this house) have
SM71 or better processors in them.

               -Dave McGuire