Subject: Kernel panic caused by Mathematica SunOS binary
To: None <>
From: Rahul Siddharthan <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 05/06/2000 03:40:08
After the main hard drive of a Sparc (Sun4c IPC machine)
started dying I got netbsd running on it in diskless mode,
and mounted the healthy hard disk.

I've retrieved the important SunOS libraries and placed them
in /emul/sunos as instructed.  Many SunOS binaries now run ok.

However, Mathematica 2.2 crashes the machine shortly after
displaying its startup messages, with the message
   Panic: amap_lookups: offset out of range
I'm running it as an unprivileged user. What could be wrong?

I'm unable to take a crash dump because of lack of availability
of a free device with enough space. Is there any other way to
do it, if it would help?

Thank you