Subject: Time to get off the fence.....
To: None <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 04/21/2000 15:13:51
OK, folks, I am at a crossroads, and need some input from the crewe.

I have two 4c sparcs that I am currently running, one an IPX and one
an SS1.  The IPX is at home, and the SS1 I moved into the office to
replace an aging 486/33 web server.  They are about equivalent, but
the monitor on the old sun makes it a better web machine for building
and testing web pages, than the dusty, musty, rusty old PeeCee toy.

My problem is this.....

1.  I use NetBSD on most everything, except sparcs, because the sparc
    port has been less than optimal.  Currently, the 1.4.2 port, plus
    a minor fix or two is about equivalent to the OpenBSD port, on the
    sparc, which I have been using for several years, currently at 2.6+.

2.  I need to keep a closer tab on the NetBSD current tree to keep my
    Vaxen, alphas, Mipsboxes, and related machines happy.  I figure
    I can make the web server carry that load, since it is on the net,
    and run a script to roll current source tarballs nightly from the
    current tree, to ferry via cd or tape to my home machines, as

3.  I need a dependable web server that won't grumble too much, under
    light load.  The machine is basically a small teaching web server
    for handling class junk, and other than occasional backups and that
    sort of thing, it just needs to run, and run, and run, carrying maybe
    a gig of web stuff.  Apache has been working fine on the PeeCees and
    on the OpenBSD SS1.  My gut feeling is that NetBSD-1.4.2 on the SS1
    will probably be fine.  It is running fine, as of last night on
    the IPX, in lieu of OpenBSD 2.6.  The NBSD/OBSD feel mostly the same,
    compile rather much the same, and give me the impression that either
    will do fine, for what I need the box to do.

So, my real question is....  Will NetBSD-1.4.2 sparc replace my OpenBSD
2.6 sparc, without presenting any gotchas or security issues that I
might need to worry about?  

I sense it should, but I need to check for any gotchas ahead of time.
I can't be playing the daily fix and patchup on the SS1 in the office.
It has just gotta run, and run, and run.  I sense 1.4.2 is at the
point where it will do that, now.

Any insights, horror stories, gotchas, etc..... appreciated.