Subject: Re: Netscape 4.51 Solaris binary can't DNS/NIS resolve hosts under
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Greg Earle <earle@isolar.Tujunga.CA.US>
List: port-sparc
Date: 04/11/1999 11:08:39
> On Fri, 9 Apr 1999, Christos Zoulas wrote:
>> This has been fixed in 1.4 I believe... Try out the snapshot..

This struck me as being rather akin to the proverbial 
to-kill-the-gnat story  :-)

(I just wanted one program to work, not the instability of upgrading my
 entire system to an alpha release OS, guys ... )

I decided to stick with the SunOS binary for 4.51 and leave my home banking
128-bit crypto needs to 4.51 on my Macs ...

> It won't even start in 1.4_ALPHA as of yesterday. It looks for
> /tmp/.X11-pipe/X0, so I symlinked .X11-pipe to .X11-unix, where
> NetBSD keeps its Unix domain socket for the X server. This seems
> to be the relevant bit:
>     557 netscape CALL  open(0xefffd720,0x2,0x10fdcfa8)
>     557 netscape NAMI  "/emul/svr4/tmp/.X11-pipe/X0"
>     557 netscape NAMI  "/tmp/.X11-pipe/X0"
>     557 netscape RET   open -1 errno 122 Operation not supported
> Any thoughts?  This seems to me a fairly critical thing to fix before
> 1.4, since the SunOS Netscape 4.51 is pretty unreliable these days.

I haven't (yet) found this to be true under 1.3.3.

> For example, it just exits if I try to download (rather than display)
> any sort of file.

Then again, I haven't tried this yet, either ...

	- Greg

P.S. For fun I fired up "make" in my 1.3.3 /usr/src/pkgsrc.  Holy Rolaids,
     Batman!  This stuff consumed 47 times its weight in excess disk space ...
     I finally had to kill the make before my 2.7 Gb /usr/src partition
     was completely eaten up ... (not to mention taking several *days*, and
     this on an SS20/71 ... maybe I should package the results up into
     binary packages so as to not waste all this expended CPU effort ...