Subject: SPARCStation 1+ Problems
To: None <port-sparc@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Pete Plank <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/31/1998 19:52:36

I recently obtained a SPARCStation 1+ which I'd like to set up with NetBSD.
I've run into a couple of problems with it though.

When I first tried powering on the machine, nothing happened at all. I
swapped out the power supply from my Sun 3/80 temporarily to see if that
helped any, and it did ... the machine sprang to life. I examined the fuse
inside the SS1+'s power supply and it seems intact.

Anyway, soon after it powered up, it gave a loud beep, and began flashing
the front LED in a continuing pattern; 1 long flash followed by six short
(rapid) ones. Something isn't sitting right with it, but I haven't a clue as
to what to troubleshoot without some sort of reference.

The machine appears to have 16 MB RAM installed, and it all is snugly
seated. It also has what appears to be a CG3 sbus framebuffer (part number
on underside is 270-1909-02 Rev 1).

Anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next? I didn't get any video
output when I hooked up the multisync color monitor from my SGI Indigo to
the CG3; the standby light went from amber (no signal) to green, but the
screen remained blank. I thought about hooking up some sort of serial
console using my 3/80, but I only have one power supply between the two
machines at the moment.


Pete Plank