Subject: Re: Scsi-changes in 1.3?
To: Paul Kranenburg <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 03/17/1998 17:30:47
On Mar 17, Paul Kranenburg wrote
> > Just wondering whether there were any major changes in the SCSI-code
> > introduced when going to 1.3 as it won't properly probe my SUN0424
> Some problems showed up because in the 1.3 esp driver `synchronous negotiation'
> is attempted by default. Fixes went into -current and also into 1.3.1

I was just about sending a message for this: I have a sparc IPC here running
NetBSD 1.3.1 with a quantum fireball ST (internal drive, id 3) and a Syquest
44Mb as external drive (id 0).
The Syquest would not probe on boot, instead I got a buch of '!MSGOUT'
printfs from the SCSI driver before the internal drive probe.
I kernel recompiled with sync negotiation disabled for target 0 solved the
problem, I can now use my Syquest (async) and the internal HD (sync at 5Mb/s)
without problems. 
This machine is now in production so I can't run tests on it any more.
But I should be able to find another Syquest to put on a sparc running a
not-too-old -current.

Manuel Bouyer, LIP6, Universite Paris VI.