Subject: Re: Interpretation please....
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Jeremy Cooper <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 08/21/1997 19:26:26
On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Brad Spencer wrote:

> Given a Sparc 1 with a external hard drive and a Conner tape changer
> [DDS-2 drive with 4 tapes, using 90M tapes].  Every so often, for reasons
> which do not make complete sense, I get the following SCSI errors:
> esp0: RESELECT: 0 bytes in FIFO! [intr c, stat 17, step 4, prevphase 3]

Looks like the famous esp reselect bug.  It's a deficiency in the hardware
which pops up when a reselecting device interrupts the esp driver during a
command loading phase.  You'll notice it happens whenever there is a
moderate amount of activity to more than one SCSI target, of which one has
re-selection enabled.

There has been an attempted workaround to this problem in -current, but I
haven't heard from anyone who's tried it.