Subject: Re: NetBSD support for the FSBE/S
To: Paul Kranenburg <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 11/21/1996 11:28:50
At 3:26 -0800 11/21/96, Paul Kranenburg wrote:

>The SCSI part does configure properly though, as you can see. But I've
>got one report recently saying that disks on a second esp controller
>would not function properly, while those same disks on the primary esp
>controller did fine.  Try connecting some disks and see what you get.

I remember that exchange - Sean Doran was playing with multiple SCSI
controllers, got it to work, and, in so far as I know, those changes made
it into 1.2.

However, I will now display my stunning ignorance of the SCSI protocol and
specification (and of the general design of SCSI controller chips) to ask:
if a disk attached to the FSBE/S is also Fast SCSI-2 compliant, will they
"just do it" to get the fast transfers, or will the driver have to be
tweaked to set up the controller differently for fast transfers? (me, I'd
guess the latter, so independent of whether it works or not at all, there's
yet more work to get it to go "fast", but I wouldn't mind being

Time to go and buy another disk or two for testing. Disk Drive Depot, here
I come!