Subject: Re: problem with config
To: der Mouse <mouse@Holo.Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Zadok <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/19/1996 18:04:25
On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, der Mouse wrote:

> > I finally got NetBSD 1.1 installed on a sprc IPX.  Now it's running
> > fine ( damn great job... never again solaris ! ) then I fetched the
> > 1.2 kernel sources from somewhere, made a config for my machine, ran
> > config and a lot of syntax errors appered:
> > ../../../conf/files:32: syntax error
> > ../../../conf/files:36: syntax error
> > ../../../conf/files:40: syntax error
> > ../../../conf/files:105: syntax error
> > ../../../conf/files:106: syntax error
> This usually means you're using an old config on kernel sources
> designed for the new config.  Fetch the config(8) sources too, rebuild
> that, and try again.
I thought there were only 2 versions of config, ( at least for the hp port
where I really come from :-) ) and this file was for the new config ( on
the hp the old config was called config.old, and such thing wasn't
included in the sparc-distribution ( at least I didn't find it ))

> > ../../../conf/files: device `ahc' used but not defined
> ahc?  AFAICT there is no ahc in the SPARC port.  You sure you were
> running it on a SPARC config?

110% yes, the box is labeled SPARX IPX and the config includes "machine
sparc" and so on... ../../../conf/files seems to be some kind of machine