Subject: Re: Problems with new boot disk on 4/110
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/28/1996 12:50:54
Brad Spencer wrote: 
> When trying to boot from the disk, the kernel hangs shortly after
> identifing all the devices and declaring the root is on 'sd0a'.  I put
> some debugging in the kernel and it appears that it gets past the exec
> of init and the pager daemon [I didn't follow it though scheduler].

This is a known problem.  If you build the kernel with DDB,DEBUG,DIAGNOSTIC
you will see the "process 1 received signal 11" error message.

> Has anyone booted a 4/110 from a disk???

"In the past"

I _thought_ I had stumbled across some pointer corruption, but after 
some investigation it appeared to be kernel stack problems that I caused..

Anyway, Paul Kranenburg is aware of the problem, but hasn't found anything