Subject: Re: swap_pager_clean: clean of page %x failed
To: der Mouse <mouse@Collatz.McRCIM.McGill.EDU>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/03/1996 12:23:45
In a galaxy far, far away, : Tue, 02 Jul 1996 15:23:33 EDT
> First, I took a dd image of a, in case I really screwed something up.
> Then I did "dd if=/dev/rsd0a bs=433152 of=/dev/rsd0d" (a cylinder is
> 433152 bytes, according to the label, on that disk).  dd complained
> about "/dev/rsd0d: Read-only file system.".  What the hell?, thought I;

  On the i386 port, the d slice is the entire *disk*. I do not
know if this has propagated to the other ports. C is the entire
NetBSD "partition"...

> Of _course_ swapping misbehaved before; the driver was refusing to
> write to the swap area at all!

  Wow... That would do it.