Subject: Re: NFS mounts fom Solaris-2.4
To: Don Lewis <>
From: Greg Earle <earle@isolar.Tujunga.CA.US>
List: port-sparc
Date: 01/27/1996 12:58:21
> On Jan 25,  3:16pm, "Stefan Monnier" wrote:
>> Subject: Re: NFS mounts fom Solaris-2.4
>>>   On a related note: Can anyone tell me how to specify the above in
>>> /etc/fstab?  I can't seem to figure it out...
>> And also how to specify it in the amd config files.
>> I tried:
>> ~-0> head -3 /etc/amd/home
>> /defaults       opts:=rw,hard,-P,intr,noquota;type:=nfs;cache:=none
> Try:
> /defaults       opts:=rw,hard,resvport,intr,noquota;type:=nfs;cache:=none

This (using "resvport") only works in you're running a -current "amd".

There is no support for the "resvport" opts keyword in either the 1.0 or 1.1

	- Greg