Subject: Re: sigsp's.. blah blah
To: Jay Koski <>
From: Steinar Haug <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/15/1995 09:33:53
> 	On our machine, which is a SPARCstation IPX
> running SunOS 4.1.4c, we see these about 50 times a day.
> isumataq vmunix: sendsig: bad signal stack pid=124, sig=14
> isumataq vmunix: sigsp = 0xf7fff588, action = 0xf7712c28, upc = 0xf7712920
> 	I'm curious if anyone out there knows why this happens and
> how to fix it? Will this happen if I move to to netbsd-current? I'm
> not sure if it's a CPU bug, bad memory, or a buggy kernel. I may be
> looking into running NetBSD over SunOS if this will fix the problem.

I believe you're running out of swap space. You may want to watch it
at fairly frequent intervals with pstat -T or pstat -s.

If this is your problem, the fix should be obvious :-)

Steinar Haug, SINTEF RUNIT, University of Trondheim, NORWAY