Subject: Re: new test kernel
To: Charles M. Hannum <>
From: Theo de Raadt <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 05/19/1995 11:57:38
>    (i had to make a small but disgusting change to the MI scsi code,
>    because there isn't a way to find out which target/unit a particular
>    device is on, well, at least not when dk_establish() is called. i'm
>    searching for a better change to the scsi code, but nothing looks
>    better at the moment.)
> One of the other ports (Amiga, I think), after some discussion with
> me, added a routine to the SCSI code that will look up the device's
> unit number based on a bus:target:lun triplet.  This is very easy to
> do.

does this routine exist now, or when will it be in the trunk?
I couldn't find anything in the trunk.

does it work before dk_establish() has been called by the scsi
subsystem? it needs to work that early, since the sparc port does
bootpath calculations at that time (doing them later on would be an
extremely difficult change.)

does it tell me whether the device is an sd, st, cd, or otherwise?
I'm not sure if I need this information, but it might be nice.