Subject: Re: Xsun dumps core WasRe: Issues with X11R6 native on NetBSD/sparc
To: Sam C. Nicholson !! <>
From: Dennis Ferguson <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/03/1994 14:21:38

> The diffs are tacked onto the end of thi msg.  Basically, I commented out
> references to the cg2 frame buffer.  It doesn't exist on the 4c, but
> it may be needed for older sun4 machines, so what I did was the wrong
> thing for any distribution.  I had a similar problem to the one that 
> Dennis Ferguson reported with bw2reg.h.  The patched X11R6 sources 
> that I ended up with actually wanted a struct def from cg2reg.h.  There
> is no cg2reg or cgtwo reg in the system (1 Aug snapshot) or sources
> (16 Aug ) that I have.

There is a sys/sparc/include/cgtworeg.h in the -current sources, date-stamped

 *      $Id: cgtworeg.h,v 1.1 1994/08/14 00:13:20 deraadt Exp $

which needs to be present in /usr/include/machine for the cg2 support
in the server to compile.  Your system is too old to have it in
/usr/include, though the sources you have should have included it.

I'm not sure whether sun4's ever shipped with this hardware, but I
knew that some sun3's did and I thought I'd make sure that all the
bits and pieces someone might need to build a server for sun3 hardware
were there while I understood what those bits and pieces were.  The
X11R6 server should compile just fine for a sun3 as well as soon as the
person who wants one figures out how to distinguish a NetBSD/m68k/sun3
from NetBSD/m68k/some_other_hardware in a way which the X11 configuration
can make use of.

Dennis Ferguson