Subject: Re: sun4/330
To: Theo de Raadt <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 08/24/1994 17:14:26
On August 24, you wrote:
> (the 4/330 has memory on-board, right?)

  The 4/300 cpu has 8 SIMM sockets onboard that can take 1mb or 4mb
SIMMs.  In the 330 chassis, there's a funky little memory board that
one can use that has something like 16 more SIMM sockets on it.
There's also a [rare and expensive] 9U VME board that will take 48 1mb
SIMMs for the 4/300 CPU.

  Glad to hear of your progress!  I wish I could help you out with a
CPU board...  Might be able to find you a 4/100 for later thought...

                            -Dave McGuire
                             Digital Express Group, Incorporated