Subject: Re: vnode_if.c missing?
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: Ronald G Minnich <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 02/02/1994 16:07:27
OK, i am now up single user on an elc. Kernel was built on sunos 4.1.3, 
on an elc, and for bootstrapping i needed: 
config (also called
make (berkeley-style from the netbsd src tree)
as   (aka gas)

You can find these tools for sunos 4.1.3 on

i used gas for libkern, (the makefiles want to feed stdin to as), but had to 
use sun's /bin/as for my kernel compile: gas got lots of relocation 

I also dumped a sample makefile in there, i had to add a 
and change where it looks for libgcc.

So i built libkern with bmake, gcc 2.5.7, and gas; built the kernel with 
bmake, gcc 2.5.7 and /bin/as. 

No, make depend does not yet work. Also on my machines bootflags are not 
picked up: in autoconf.c i just jam boothow wiht all the options for -bs

On my elc, doing anything that might invoke libkvm blows the machine to 
pieces with 
le0: RINT with no buffer
forever and ever amen. DOn't know what sequence would make this happen, 
it doesn't make lots of sense, but ps ax, netstat, and other kvm-using 
commands do it, so i am  still working on it. NFS mounted /usr works dandy. 

Hell of a good job, guys. I am really impressed.