Subject: landisk HDL-160U
To: Port SH3 <>
From: Tomoki NetBSD Mailing Lists <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 06/28/2005 12:12:09
** I appologize in advanced for the fact that most links are to
Japanese pages **

A while back I purchased a IO-DATA LANDISK HDL-160U.  It's a 160GB
personal NAS device in I purchased in Japan.

It is a linux device that allows you to setup samba shares.  Too begin
with I was very unhappy with some of features, and always thought of
it as very crippled.  A few months into using it, the harddrive
malfunctioned.  So I decided to just purchase a new drive and replace
the old one, and since I was never happy with the original software I
decided it might be better if I can get NetBSD running on it.

I started doing research and this is what I found out so far.
it uses a sh4 cpu
The basic hardware specs are listed here:

I grabbed the most recent fw update from the company website.
The exe spits out a readme file and a tarball.
The tarball contains a update script and another tarball
This final tarball contains the basic linux tree.

According to the lilo.conf.
lilo is installed on the drive's MBR
and the base tree is installed on hda1
hda2 is swap, and hda3 is where all the shared folders are located.
This and from the fact that I was able to access the partitions when I
attached the defunct drive to a standard i386 box, leads me to believe
that I should be able to setup a fairly standard NetBSD partition

I am thinking that I should attach the HD to my box running NetBSD
partition it as thought it was a standard i386 install.  Cross-Compile
for a sh4 target environment and install on the HD and install on the

Will this work?