Subject: Re: NetBSD/hpcsh snapshot with X11 sets uploaded to ftp.n.o
To: None <>
From: Valeriy E. Ushakov <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 03/10/2004 07:45:16
On Mon, Mar 08, 2004 at 20:28:54 +0000, Nick Hudson wrote:

> > Ok, I think the problem is that __udivsi3 (and other millicode
> > routines) are included into without being ".hidden".
> hmm, afaict this isn't what a stock gcc build will do. You can
> easily enable it though by copying the rule from
> libgcc3/libgcc/Makefile to libgcc3/libgcc_s/Makefile and rebuilding.

That helps.  I'm runing hpcsh world freshly compiled with this change.
I cannot easily test this change on other platforms at the moment,
though.  If you can test, can you please commit it?

> The NOTYPE is because
> 	gnu/dist/gcc/gcc/config/sh/lib1funcs.asm
> doesn't do
>         .type   foo, @function
> I'm not sure that helps...

I guess it confused the linker, so instead of register corruption
losage mode it resulted in execute code in .bss mode (which made the
problem very apparent).

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