Subject: BSD on MC16?
To: port-sh3 <>
From: Yanıkoğlu <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 08/14/2003 06:53:44

Is it possible to run NetBSD on an Ericsson MC16 with
Hitachi SH3 processor running Windows CE 2.0 (Build

If it is not posible because of the version of WinCE
(I think th bootloader doesn't work with version fewer
than 2.1), a newer version of WinCE can be installed
on this machine? Or anything else?

Anyone who installed/intended to install NetBSD on
this machine, please share your information with me.

I first searched for Linux but I couldn't find enough
information about installation so I'm looking for
other os'es that could save me from WindowsCE.

Serhat Yanikoglu

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