Subject: Information about eval boards
To: None <>
From: Prasad V Nuli <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 12/30/2000 20:50:11
	I am interested in purchasing an eval board that is using the SH-3 or SH-4
chip that can run NetBSD. I tried to read the links on the sh-netbsd
webpage. They are all in Japanese and I dont know how to read japanse.
	Is is possible to get information in English where I can purchase these
boards and their cost and any contact information for this.

SH3 chip evaluation boards (src/sys/arch/evbsh3) 
CqREEK-SH3 (CQ Publishing) 
7709A evaluation board (Computex) 
SH4 chip evaluation boards (src/sys/arch/evbsh3) 
KZ-SH4-01 ( Kyoto Micro Computer Co. LTD) 
CqREEK-SH4 (CQ Publishing, same hardware as KMC KZ-SH4-01) 
7750 evaluation board (Computex

Prasad Nuli