Subject: Dreamcast port
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 12/06/2000 01:29:55
Hi all.

Since I feel that the current Dreamcast BSD development is severely
hampered by not being a port of its own (there is for example nowhere
to add DC specific device drivers), I intend to make it my first task
as a NetBSD developer to create such a port.  Since we are currently
using a special kernel configuration of the evbsh3 port, my action
plan looks as follows:

 * Create sys/arch/dreamcast, sys/arch/dreamcast/conf,
   sys/arch/dreamcast/include, sys/arch/dreamcast/dreamcast,
   and sys/arch/dreamcast/dev.
 * Copy everything from sys/arch/evbsh3 into the corresponding
   sys/arch/dreamcast dir, replacing "evbsh3" with "dreamcast" wherever
   appropriate (meaning in the conf files, and _EVBSH3_*_H_ in the
 * Rename the DREAMCAST kernel configuration to GENERIC, and scrap
   the other configurations
 * Set the default endianness in
   sys/arch/dreamcast/include/endian_machdep.h to little endian.

If nobody objects to this plan, I intend to start committing

  // Marcus