Subject: Re: SH3 port
To: Predrag Vucetic <>
From: None <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 12/01/2000 09:23:56
	please route questions to port-sh3.

>where can I get NETBSD port source code for SH3?

	there are many ways to get it.  ftp is possible from the following:
	while you have many other options, listed on

>Is the network support included (IP, TCP,...)?

	of course.  we share single source code between all platforms.

>How much of the memory does it take?

	not sure, depending on your configuration.

>Does the NETBSD supports CS8900A Ethernet interface?

	I see a driver source code under sys/dev/isa, not sure if
	there's anyone who have tried it on sh3 (at least you need some code
	to do isa-on-sh3).

>>**     Device Driver for the Crystal CS8900 ISA Ethernet Controller.