Subject: Re: Support for Epson Card-Sh
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: msaitoh <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 12/16/1999 06:06:47
thorpej wrote:
 > On that note, I am vaguely interested in finding an inexpensive SH3 board
 > that either:

How much is the standard of your "inexpensive"? :)

 > 	- we run on already
 > 	- it wouldn't be that hard to make us run on
 > ...looking to add to my collection of neat computer stuff :-)

 1) I have Computex('s evaluation boards.

(Japanese only)

I have SH7709A evaluation board (bus clock 25MHz, internal clock 100MHz).
It works fine although this chip is very buggy :-(

 2) CQ Publishing('s evaluation board.

	(Japanese only)
    This board uses SH7708(bus clock 15MHz, internal clock 60MHz).
    Use evbsh3/conf/CQRERKSH3.

    This is almost the same as KMC('s
    evaluation board.

	(Japanese only)

 Now working:

 3) Hitachi ULSI Systems Co.,Ltd.('s
evaluation board (SH4, bus clock 60MHz, internal clock 200MHz).

	(Japanese only)

 4) CQ Publishing('s evaluation board (SH4,
    bus clock 33Mhz, internal clock 200MHz).

	(Japanese only)

    This kit includes JTAG debugger. This is almost the same as
    KMC('s evaluation board:

	(Japanese only)

		SAITOH Masanobu (,
		University of Electro-Communications