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Re: Configure X on an Indigo machine

On Jun 2, 2011, at 9:57 AM, Ovidiu Cretu wrote:

> I recently rescued an old Iris Indigo machine that was being thrown away and 
> I'm in the process of making it usable again.
> In terms of configuration, it has an IP20 CPU and an LG1 "entry" graphics 
> board. I can post detailed specs if needed.
> I've installed NetBSD (5.1, entirely from the CD) and, after a few problems 
> getting it to boot from the hard drive, it now runs very well. The problem 
> with it is that I cannot get the X server working. When I do "X -configure", 
> it says (in its /var/log/.. file) that it cannot find any devices to 
> configure. It does load the drivers and attempts to scan some hardware 
> addresses.
> Does anyone know of a solution for this ? Better yet, since I haven't found 
> anything regarding this, do you know of anyone that has X working on an 
> Indigo ? I've even considered upgrading its graphics board to something like 
> a GR2, but I have no idea if it will solve the problem. If you have this 
> thing working, can you send me your xorg.conf file ? 

Unfortunately there's currently no X support for any of the IP20 graphic 
boards. I'm not sure that the mouse is properly supported, either, though most 
of the code should be there.

Even framebuffer console support will likely to be spotty across the different 
cards. I added LG1/LG2 support and Chris Sekiya did Elan, but I don't recall if 
GR2 is essentially the same controller or if there are others.


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