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Accessing > 256MB RAM on O2

Hey folks --

I've whipped up a very ugly patch that allows access to all RAM on CRIME-based systems. The ugly part is that the memory is accessed using a 32MB window and mips3_wired_enter_region(), and then exposed as a block device.

The patch is very rough; the crimestrategy() function will likely fall apart when accessing 128MB memory banks (although this should be easy to fix). To test it out, apply the following patch (against 5.0, but should do fine on -current):


Once booted, create /dev/crime and configure swap:

  $ sudo mknod /dev/crime b 15 2
  $ sudo chmod 640 /dev/crime
  $ sudo swapctl -a /dev/crime

This gives me access to the additional 192MB of RAM on my 448MB O2.


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