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Re: WD 93c33 trouble

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009, Michael wrote:
The problem I'm seeing is this - the wdsc driver deadlocks itself when probing devices right after probing the first one. I ran into this when trying to put a 2nd disk into my Indy - ARCS reports both without trouble but NetBSD hangs after probing the first one. There's nothing wrong with the 2nd disk - if I disconnect the other one and netboot the machine NetBSD probes it just fine. Also, if I swap SCSI IDs so the new disk is probed first it's still hanging after probing the first device, so it's neither of the disks.

I don't know that what I'm describing here is your problem, but it's a good out-of-the-box example of the kind of things to look for.

I once bought an HP Netserver drive for use in a Sun workstation. This crazy drive worked fine by itself, but refused to play well with anything else. Addition of anything caused everything on the chain to fail device probes. After an agonizing process of elimination, I discovered that this crazy drive actually responded to EVERY SCSI ID, regardless of jumper setting, cabling, etc. I finally pulled out the docs that came with the drive and apparently, it was made to do this, and was intended for some sort of single ended arrangement.

Good luck figuring out yours...


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