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Another CRIME driver update

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since cairo and gtk2 really don't like pixel formats other than ARGB I changed the driver to pretend to use just that. Turned out the hardware can convert ARGB to RGBA when uploading images after all. Also, some applications apparently do use screen-to-screen composite, something XAA doesn't support but since I had to rewrite the whole composite stuff anyway to get rid of XAA's boneheaded, bug-ridden implementation my driver does. So now most gtk2 apps should draw all text in the right colours ( except some exotic cases like anti-aliased text with stippled background ), pidgin was a prime culprit before, now it behaves a lot better.
What still doesn't work is:
- - composite ops with separate pixel and alpha
- - drawing ops like (filled) arcs and polygons into video memory. Guess I'll have to catch them and draw them line by line into the transfer buffer. Or split them up into operations CRIME can do.
- - drawing stippled monochrome text. Stipple's ignored for now.
- - composite ops other than PictOver are unsupported since I couldn't find any useful documentation what exactly they're supposed to do. If you have one please tell me, I'm pretty sure CRIME can do them all.
- - repetititititive textures aren't always drawn right
What /does/ work:
- - windowmaker
- - most of xfce4 ( the clearlooks engine produces some drawing errors, other themes work )
- - most older window managers like fvwm2, twm etc.
- - xmms except the equalizer window which looks rather psychedelic but works otherwise
- - motif and gtk1 apps should all work

Looks like I'll get rid of XAA sooner or later, there's less and less my driver uses it for and it's not really suitable for this kind of hardware anyway.

have fun

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