Subject: Re: R10k O2 won't boot
To: david l goodrich <>
From: Stephen M. Rumble <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 04/15/2007 01:03:52
Quoting david l goodrich <>:

> panic: can't handle primary cache on impl 0x9

I don't see any reason why this would not happen with the install  
kernel, but would with the generic one.

> Exception PC: 0x882d5d00, Exception RA: 0x882528fc

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but this doesn't look quite right. The O2 kernel  
text address should be 0x80069000, which is quite far displaced.

Are you sure you've installed a GENERIC_IP3x kernel and not  
GENERIC_IP2x by mistake? I guess if you have enough memory for the  
latter to be loaded at that address it may be able to account for what  
you're seeing.