Subject: Re: Newbie: Would like assistance installing on SGI O2
To: None <,,>
From: ozone <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 06/08/2006 13:53:59
> Sorry to piggy-back a little bit, but if I understand correctly, I'll
> be able to use an NFS server on my LAN [to which the O2 will also be
> connected, of course] to boot the O2 with all of the required kernels
> and stuff, and THEN get it to install netBSD from the CD that I
> already have, without needing to do anything special to my CD?

not at all. in a nutshell, some platforms have an INSTALL kernel which
includes an embedded disk image with enough tools to complete the
install. in such a case, you don't need to configure NFS at all.
per, use a dhcpd.conf like:

        host sc {
                hardware ethernet 08:00:69:xx:xx:xx;
                server-name "";

fire up your tftpd, and unpack a suitable INSTALL kernel image into
/tftpboot (or wherever your system keeps it), then issue these PROM commands:

setntenv netaddr
boot -f bootp():/netbsd-INSTALL32_IP2x

where the filename matches that of the INSTALL kernel.

once you have sysinst, you can use any distribution source you like.