Subject: Re: Newbie: Would like assistance installing on SGI O2
To: ozone <>
From: sNAAPS eLYK <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 06/08/2006 16:32:35
On 6/8/06, ozone <> wrote:
> or an nfs root, for that matter -- it's actually one of the easier net
> installs, and works really well in hostile environments.
Sorry to piggy-back a little bit, but if I understand correctly, I'll
be able to use an NFS server on my LAN [to which the O2 will also be
connected, of course] to boot the O2 with all of the required kernels
and stuff, and THEN get it to install netBSD from the CD that I
already have, without needing to do anything special to my CD?
Thanks for the help!