Subject: Re: sgi hardware donation
To: None <>
From: Charles Chandler <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 06/03/2006 12:05:25
We have a 4D/25 (IP6) available in the UK.  Let me know if interested!

>From: "Thomas E. Spanjaard" <>
>Subject: Re: sgi hardware donation
>Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2006 15:34:40 +0000
> wrote:
>>I work at a technology recycling company in Berkeley, CA. We recently 
>>received a large donation of SGI computers: mostly O2s, Origin 200s, and 
>>Indigo 2s (R10k and R4k cpus). I'd like to try finding them a good home 
>>instead of recycling them for scrap. Do you guys need any of that type of 
>>hardware, either whole or in parts (but no hds), for your MIPS port? One 
>>caveat, unfortunately I do not have the means to cover shipping.
>The Indigo2 and O2 should be suitable for the MIPS64 ISA project, and the 
>Origin 200 for the port to IP30/IP27. I don't know yet where Qi Liu is 
>located, and if more people are interested in porting to IP30/IP27. Re the 
>shipping issue, I have no idea yet.
>         Thomas E. Spanjaard

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