Subject: Re: install, but no boot
To: None <>
From: rodross <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 01/17/2006 17:45:29
*From:* james ozone


Hi James,
   I believe you are correct that you appear to be setting the osloader 
wrong. I use "setenv osloader aoutboot" and "setenv osloadfilename 
netbsd". Perhaps you need the ecoff kernel but my indy 5k doesn't. The 
rest of your hvram settings look fine. Also,  in case someone wonders 
the 3.0 iso images are not bootable on my box. The older bootable 3.99 
images are bootable, so then the best way to update is manually with tar 
and do a diff on /etc ( unpack etc.tgz somewhere other than / first ) by 
hand and moving the changes into place into /etc.
Rod Ross