Subject: Re: Problems with 2.0RC4 on my Indy
To: port-sgimips <>
From: Frank Wille <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 11/13/2004 22:22:27
Rafal Boni wrote:

> I wonder if we don't support some of the cache 'quirks' of some of the
> early-rev R4000 chips -- I know some early R4600 chips had bugs in this
> area and maybe the R4000s did as well.
> As a first cut it might be good to look at the Linux R4000 cache code
> and see if it does anything 'special' for the R4000 revs where the
> problems are being reported.

Do we have a workaround for the R4000 "branch to end of page"
hardware bug? Linux got it.

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