Subject: Re: dangerous keystrokes from INDY graphics console
To: None <>
From: James B. Wilkinson <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/12/2004 19:51:29
>On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 10:02:22PM -0400, Steve Rumble wrote:
>>  It looks like Chris will have a snapshot up soon. Moving to an iso from
>>  there or netbooting an install shouldn't be difficult.
>I've placed a snapshot at
>It includes a bootable CDROM image.  X sets are included, but the server
>probably doesn't work (sgimips didn't support the XFree86 loadable driver
>scheme the last time I checked).

I downloaded this, and the MD5 sum matches, but I can't figure out 
what to do with it. I have two machines with burners available to me 
today: one is a WindowsXP box with Easy CD Creator, the other is a 
Dell with Mandrake Linux an K3B.

Easy CD Creator says that the file is not a good ISO (I think that's 
a good sign) and refuses to use it. K3B made a DC for me, but when I 
try to boot from it, the PROM in the INDY says that it has no 
recognizable file system (I think that's a bad sign)

I checked the burning step in Ayamura's instructions for making such 
a CD. He just uses cdrecord, but I'm stuck there since I'm not root 
on the Mandrake. Besides, K3B is just a GUI front end for cdrecord 
anyway, so it's cdrecord that burned my unusable disk.

The installation instructions tell you everything but how to burn the 
CD from the file.

BTW the file I downloaded is named   netbsd-sgimips.iso (about 150 
MB). Did I get the right one? I don't see anything else there that 
looks promising.

Sorry to be so much trouble.

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