Subject: Re: dangerous keystrokes from INDY graphics console
To: None <>
From: James B. Wilkinson <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/08/2004 20:53:37
>On Thu, Jul 08, 2004 at 07:42:33PM -0400, James B. Wilkinson wrote:
>>  I've had a problem with our INDY slipping back into the prom when I
>>  type certain keystrokes on the graphics console.
>You're using 1.6.x, which means that you're using the ARCS console.  ARCS
>console will abort the running program (i.e., drop back into the prom) when
>certain keystrokes are pressed.
>2.0 will ship with a real, full-screen console mode that does not have this
>problem.  Further, there is rudimentary X support for the newport graphic
>board found in most Indys.
>I'll make a 2.0 snapshot available later today -- based on the date, 
>the latest
>releng build probably still has the setcontext() problem.

The reason that I'm interested in this is that I'm using the 
Patterson/Hennessy text in my course on computer organization. That 
book is based on the MIPS processor, and we've been using a Windows 
simulator called SPIM. I can talk about assembling a program, and 
SPIM demonstrated that just fine. I can talk about relocation and 
linking, and SPIM is very little help. So I decided to get something 
running on some real MIPS hardware and make them actually do some 
linking and look at the results. Objdump looks like just what I need 
for that. I think this is really going to enhance this course!

I don't have to have this running for a couple of months yet. Is 
there a chance that the 2.0 release will be ready by then? I ask 
because I'm a total novice with NetBSD (lots of experience with 
Ultrix and some with FreeBSD), and doing the install that I did 
wasn't all that much fun. If I hadn't found a bootable CD image on 
the Web, I don't think I could have done it. Or did I miss something 

Thanks guys. The students won't be grateful :-) but I sure am.


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