Subject: dangerous keystrokes from INDY graphics console
To: None <>
From: James B. Wilkinson <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/08/2004 19:42:33
I've had a problem with our INDY slipping back into the prom when I 
type certain keystrokes on the graphics console. This is a pain 
because a reboot is then required, and the hard drives have to be 
cleaned by fsck on the way back up. I found one reference to this 
problem in the mail archive, but there was no solution offered.

Is there a solution to this? The only thing I can think of right now 
is to get rid of the graphics console and use a dumb terminal. This 
seems to involve resetting a couple of ENV variables in the prom and 
then doing the right things in /etc/ttys.

The keystrokes that I've had a problem with are

CTRL/D  This one is consistent. Every time.

uparrow from the four arrow keys (I was asking the shell to back up 
to the previous command)   I'm absolutely sure this happened a time 
or two, but sometimes it does what I want.

CTRL/C  I think this did it once or twice, but I'm not absolutely sure.

BTW, iris-ansi seems to work as the terminal type for the graphics 
console if I'm careful not to type the wrong keys.


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