Subject: "adapter resource shortage" on R5K O2
To: None <>
From: sgimips NetBSD list <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 05/15/2004 23:32:29
I can't remember (or find) if the "adapter resource shortage" problem
when installing NetBSD/sgimips on R5K O2s was really addressed here, 
but I've found a way to duplicate it.

1) Boot the latest (or any this year) NetBSD/sgimips INSTALL kernel
2) Break out of sysinst
3) Manually disklabel and newfs your partitions
4) Mount the new partitions onto /targetroot
5) Mount the CD distro (or NFS mount them)
6) chdir to the distro area containing the tgz's and perform the

	# for i in base etc comp games kern-GENERIC32_IP3x man misc text xbase xcomp xetc xfont xserver ; do
	> echo Installing package: $i
	> tar xfzC $i.tgz /targetroot
	> done
	Installing package: base
	cd0(ahc0:0:4:0): adapter resource shortage
	cd0(ahc0:0:4:0): adapter resource shortage
	cd0(ahc0:0:4:0): adapter resource shortage
	... [ad nauseum]

The "adapter resource shortage" occurs within seconds, and is

At this point I think I'll try to install via an INDY, move the drive
to the O2, and see if the non-INSTALL kernel exhibits the same problem.

I guess I should ask this as well: Is anyone running a current kernel
on their O2?