Subject: Re: looking for second hand SGI hardware advices
To: Pierre-Philipp Braun <>
From: Steve Rumble <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 10/11/2003 22:36:26
On Sat, Oct 11, 2003 at 11:00:24PM +0200, Pierre-Philipp Braun wrote:
> ==> What item in there could be relevant for me? I want to buy one sgi 
> box just for FUN use with NetBSD and eventually discover OpenGL real 
> capabilities, on the other side. A good old and cheap workstation could 
> be ok, if it works, but i'm really wondering if that SGI Otane 64bits 
> 300Mhz (the last line) would be a good buy, at 900 EUR with the 20 (he's 
> talking about inches hm?) screen.

NetBSD/sgimips only supports the Indy, Indigo 2 (not R8k), and
O2. There is Indigo support perpetually in the works, but it's
not in-tree. At the moment all mips ports are 32 bit. 

The Indy is probably the only system that graphics support is
capable on, but even that is not supported, if it's ever even
been done on NetBSD (keyboard and mouse support still doesn't

The Octane is unsupported, although with r10k support in
-current, it may now be feasible to do a port. Your best bet for
playing with NetBSD/sgimips is probably the Indy or Indigo2
(not R8000), simply in terms of price. Although, O2s aren't all
that expensive any more.

The aforementioned systems would probably make decent servers now,
but just don't expect them to run xdoom in the near future.