Subject: Re: O2 R10000 support OK ?
To: Juan RP <>
From: Steven J. Hill <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 08/10/2003 19:38:57
Juan RP wrote:
>>Not yet supported (cf. the mailing list archives for the gory details).
>>I might take a look at it once I finish the mec driver, but no promises.
This all fun if you want to say, "Look, NetBSD works on SGI R10k O2." The
reality is that unless you have internal SGI documents, you don't really
ever have a chance at it being useful. It should be noted that after some
discussions with SGI people while I was in Ottawa a couple weeks back,
that IRIX locked up and had to be rebooted on O2 in certain heavy graphics
load and PCI/DMA. In short, the R10K PCI addressing and coherency sucks
rocks on O2. But don't let that discourage you :).