Subject: Re: r5k O2 support
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From: Rafal Boni <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/23/2003 04:26:53
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In message <>, you wri

-> On Wed, 23 Jul 2003, Christopher SEKIYA wrote:
-> > Every PCI card that I've thrown at the box has worked.

Remind me to send Chris one of the Intel Pro/1000XT Server Adapters
that caused me so much headache... Still don't know why we would
mysteriosly corrupt the RX/TX rings in a way that got the driver
wedged.  Anyway, that's one that's a problem.

-> 	That's great! I heard someone else say adding a USB card to the
-> machine made it usable with USB audio, keyboards, etc.. That's a major
-> bonus with the O2; it has a PCI slot. I used to have one, and it was
-> fairly tricked out except for the fact that it as an R5k 180. Does NetBSD
-> support the R10k and R12k O2's yet?

I think that *was* Chris, earlier :-)
As for R10ks, it's real hard work (see the very beginnings of this list's
archive where an ex-SGIer explains why); R12k is supposed to make that a
bit easier, but those aren't exactly popping up on eBay for < $200 US :-)

-> Maybe I should trawl Ebay for another O2... I dunno it's getting crowded
-> in here. I'm typing this on an Indy running Irix 6.5. I have a Challenge S
-> I plan to use with NetBSD real-soon-now. Other than the mezzazine
-> SCSI/Ethernet it's the perfect machine to try NetBSD on right now since
-> it's a serial-only, headless box anyway. The day I can load NetBSD on my
-> Indy, use the keyboard, mouse, XL24 graphics, sound, and VINO port is the
-> day I will dance a jig of joy. I don't want to even think about an O2 with
-> all the hardware supported; that'd just be too damn cool.

XL24 graphics should be supported by XFree86 (I think XL24 is just a 24-
bit Newport, no?), but that requires KB/mouse and some form of console
support, which isn't there (but shouldn't be hard to do, as the devices
are simple and documentation is relatively good); sound can borrow from
the Linux HAL2 code (or maybe just recycle large parts of it... see the
recent mail from Ladis o this), but VINO is probably quite a long shot.

The O2 hardware is somewhat better organized, so while there are less
docs for it, at least the system interfaces are easier to figure out.
OTOH, I wouldn't expect drivers for esoteric interfaces that don't
appear on all O2 models to be high priority, unless you're planning
on funding Chris an O2 lab :-)


Rafal Boni                                           
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