Subject: Re: r5k O2 support
To: None <>
From: Christopher SEKIYA <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/23/2003 17:18:50
On Wed, Jul 23, 2003 at 01:06:33AM -0600, wrote:

> Was it a chip that's also used elsewhere so you could sort of "clone" the docs

The MAC seems to be a pretty common LSI Logic part, but the DMA interface is
fairly weird.  The mostly-broken linux driver has a pretty complete register
description in meth.h.

> Does NetBSD support the R10k and R12k O2's yet?

Not yet.

> Also, off the top of your head are there any "combo" cards which could be
> used to leverage the one PCI slot that it has?

Multifunction cards should "just work".

> What about PCI video cards?

Perhaps, if the XFree86 server is taught about mipseb PCI.  Shouldn't be
too hard.

> So is asychronus access still left to-do, or was it done already?

Async has always worked.  Sync requires a modification to ahc_pci.c that
convinces the driver that it's okay to use sane configuration even without

-- Chris
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