Subject: Re: [ Re: [ #53989] [ Re: indy audio]]
To: Martijn Bakker <>
From: Ladislav Michl - psi <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/18/2003 21:31:41
On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 10:30:23PM +0200, Martijn Bakker wrote:
> (Cc: to Ladislav Michl, who is the author of the current HAL2 driver, and Ulf
>  Carlsson who appeared to start writing it in the first place - thanks guys!)

so I read archives to figure out what's going on...

> Steve,
> This is the official answer from the guys at the FSF about documentation made
> up from GPL'ed source.
> Ofcourse, I think it's polite to ask the authors first. Maybe they will even
> let you reuse some of the code they wrote.

from my point of view it would be perfectly legal to reuse driver in netbsd
(it is OSS compatible driver so..), I even think that it would be okay to
release it under dual GPL/BSD licence. rest is up to Ulf (I'm not sure what's
his current email and I doubt that above will work)

> The source can be found in the linux mainstream 2.4 kernel source, in
> drivers/sound/hal2.{c,h}

use cvs kernel. I made some modifications later (fixed playback
of LE stream, some mixer fixes, code cleanups, and I'm able to start recoring
DMA now, but Bres clock generator seems missconfigured somehow...), but these
changes are not merged to mainstream kernel yet.

> Hope this helps!
> grtz, Martijn
[snipped forwarded message]

some time ago I uploaded documentation to ftp, but I haven't explicit permition
to use it. i think Rafal made copy before it dissapeared. here is story: many
years after indy was born sgi decided to release hw documentation. most of docu
was well hidden or even lost. Ulf wrote mad scrips which searched on many sgi
machines in parallel and was partially sucessful. we have docu needed to get
machine work, but we are unable to use all its power. and no doubt, that
accelerated X is something which would make users prefer linux on Indy...  so
currently we're missing PBUS documentation (file is broken), Virtual DMA
Programmer's Guide (needed to get accelerated X), HAL2 documentation (try to
get permition to release it to public), ISDN and parport docu (there is driver
for linux), VINO spec is missing some things (I'm still unable to get correct
image). I don't believe that there is some documentation left at sgi, but I
collected list of people who worked on Indy IRIX kernel stuff and drivers.  If
there is chance to get permition from sgi, we could ask them if they have local
copies. here in .cz are many things legal, but i know basically nothing about
US law, except i was told it sucks. therefor i can't help you this way :-(