Subject: Re: Problem booting on a R4000 Indy
To: Alban Hertroys <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/14/2003 10:18:15
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In message <>, you write: 

-> On 13 Jul, Miguel Mendez punched keys in this particular order:
-> >> 	trap: TLB miss (load or instr. fetch) in kernel mode
-> >> 	status=0x40003, cause=0x10000000, epc=0x0, vaddr=0x0
-> >> 	pid=82 cmd=dev_mkdb usp=0x0 ksp=0xca567e88
-> >> 	Stopped in pid 82 (dev_mkdb) at          0:   invalid address.
-> >> 	db>
-> > 
-> > Tha's the problem I was seeing until today. For some reason or other,
-> > the 3.2GB Quantom Fireball disk I was using has died, so I've replaced
-> > it with the 1GB SGI-branded IBM disk that came with the machine, and,
-> > voila! Now the machine finishes the install without any problem. I'm
-> > using 1.6.1 on it right now, but will upgrade it to current at some
-> > point. Perhaps your problem is also hardware related? I'm sure how a
-> > defective disk could cause a TLB related panic, but it seems to be gone
-> > now. Thanks to all for all the help.
-> Well, it won't be the disk, as there isn't one in it. The whole machine
-> runs from NFS mounted filesystems.
-> But maybe the problem could be triggered by read/write delays or errors,
-> when the NFS server is unavailable for a split second or so.

Next time you see this happen, please also post a traceback (via the `tr'
command).  What's happening is that you're jumping through a NULL pointer
somewhere, but I'm not sure where.  

Waaay back when (when doing the initial port to the IP22 hardware), I had
lots of issues with dev_mkdb and/or kvm_mkdb panic'ing the kernel on boot,
but the issue went away on it's own (probably due to changes to MI code),
so I never got a chance to track it down.  I don't know if this is related
or not... It's be interesting to know what vintage -current you're running
(more specific than the 1.6U), but if it happens in 1.6.1, that's much more
of a concern :-/


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