Subject: Re: Problem booting on a R4000 Indy
To: Miguel Mendez <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 07/09/2003 15:29:15
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In message <>, you write: 

-> I've tried to boot the install kernels for 1.6, 1.6.1 and a -CURRENT
-> snapshot via bootp, but everytime the following message appears:
-> panic: CPU type (0x422) not supported
-> The box has a 100Mhz R4000 and 64MB of RAM. The system is detected as
-> IOC rev 1, machine Indy (Guiness), board rev 3

Hmm, what kind of R4k is that?  The problem is the 0x22 (the revision ID)
in the 0x422 you quote... The NetBSD code claims to only know about revs
0x00 (R4000A) and 0x30 (R4000B) of the R4k (and revs 0x40, 0x50 and 0x60,
which map to revs A, B and C of the R4400).

The code in sys/arch/mips/mips/mips_machdep.c actually makes a comment
about treating all revs > 0 and < 0x40 as R4000 and all revs >= 0x40
as R4400, but that isn't the way things work right now.  

If you can build a kernel, I'd simply copy one of the cputab entries (in
the above file) for MIPS_REV_R4000_A or MIPS_REV_R4000_B, substitute 0x22
in the revision field and rebuild the kernel.  If you can't build kernels,
maybe ask someone here to build one for you (and make sure to specify if
you care what version it is :-).  I'm not sure if this rev has any special
quirks, but if not, I'd assume that things will "Just Work" if you do that.


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