Subject: Re: IP12 (Indigo R3000) boots multiuser
To: Steve Rumble <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 05/22/2003 20:42:11
In message <>, you write: 

-> Both systems can boot to a disk-based system, however a bootloader
-> doesn't exist for IP12. I've heard that the sgi volume header is around
-> 2 megabytes, so one could probably just squeeze a kernel in there pretty
-> easily. I haven't yet experimented with that. It's certainly no solution
-> as a very minimal kernel still occupies 1.6 megabytes.

I did a lot of this in the initial stages of getting IP22 support going;
it's a PITA (I had to remove sash and/or ide to fit a kernel one of my
IP22 machines), but only if you insist on keeping the IRIX install on
disk untouched -- otherwise, just reformat the disk and make a bigger
volhdr with fx(1).

If you *do* want to keep IRIX on the disk, just save the copies of the
bits you removed from the volhdr on the IRIX volume first (IIRC, it is
possible to boot IRIX without sash and ide is certainly not necessary).


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