Subject: latest O2 diffs
To: None <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 12/06/2002 01:38:18
	Since there were at least some people out there who were clamoring
	for any sort of O2 code, I've put my latest patches up for ftp [1].

	Unfortunately, this code still has serious issues, and it seems to
	work worse than previously (before I updated from the ~ end-of-Aug.
	base to a more recent code base).  

	My Intel PCI GigE card now seems to lose a lot of interrupts, and
	so root-on-NFS isn't so much fun anymore (it's actually pretty damn
	unbusable).  Also, the new R5000SC cache code seems broken (though
	Chris did warn about known issues with it), and gives the following
	output on my newly upgraded (to R5000SC) O2:

CPU clock speed = 180.00Mhz*configging sdcache
R5000/Rm5200 SCACHE

Exception: <vector=ECC>
Status register: 0x20000004<CU1,IPL=8,MODE=KERNEL>
Error EPC: 0x802dc2c8
CacheErr 0xe5000008<ER,EC,ED,EE,EI,SIDX=0x8,PIDX=0x0>
--> ECC/Parity ERROR on the SysAD bus
CRASH calling ecc_error_decode

	So for the meantime I've resorted to always (under an #if 0, so it's
	easy to change in the code) turning off the secondary cache if there
	is one; when I do this, my R5000SC now boots, albeit without knowing
	it has a L2 cache.

	I'd like to make progress on the following things, probably in that
		(1) Get R5000 cache code working so we can run on machines
		    with L2 without disabling it.  Hopefully, an extra set
		    of eyes and extra machine will get Chris Sekiya's code
		    debugged and working soon.
		(2) Start the great interrupt code I've been meaning to do
		    since the IP22 port was integrated; I figure maybe if I
		    get going on O2 I should whack the IP22 stuff as well.
	Given my free time lately, I'm not promising any timeframes, but I
	did trip across some posts to the list ~ 2 years ago (!) about the
	(then new) O2 support, so I suppose it's been broken long enough 8-)


[1] Diff vs. -current, including most of Chris Sekiya's changes from his
    Nov. 27th patch set:

    Diff vs. Chris Sekiya's Nov 27th tree (just the diffs between out trees,
    mainly for Chris):

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