Subject: New sgimips snapshot for INDY/Indigo 2, dated 20020409
To: None <>
From: sgimips NetBSD list <>
List: port-sgimips
Date: 04/13/2002 14:33:41
I have prepared a new NetBSD/sgimips snapshot and bootable CDROM
based on the April 9, 2002 (20020409) cvs sources.

Most notably in this snapshot directory is a bootable CDROM that
now works on ecoff-type machines.  

The snapshot is located at in the following


An excerpt from the associated .txt file containing caveats and
instructions is located at:


Please post issues and successes to the port-sgimips list.



Last updated: April 13, 2002

NOTES about the 20020413 distribution:

o       ECOFF support has now been added and tested on the Indigo 2
        and INDY.
o       A screen display of the distribution packages that should 
        be installed with this release is exhibited at the bottom
        of this document under APPENDIX A.  It is important to read
        this appendix to select the right kernel set to install.
o       With the L2 cache disabled on the R5000 INDY (details towards
        the bottom of this document) the R4400 is noticeably faster
        than the R5000, but not significantly.
o       Do note that the sample outputs are from an older snapshot,
        so your output will differ somewhat--particularly with respect
        to the kernel version identification.
o       There is no X built for the sgimips platform.


o       Booting an Indigo 2 from CDROM doesn't work.
        I have been unable to boot a kernel from an external CDROM on
        an Indigo 2.  There are some problems with the boot program
        when it reads the kernel via the PROM ARCS interface, and
        thus doesn't work.  Use the bootp or NFS method to install.

o       The NetBSD sysinst tool (the menu-driven installation program)
        has a bug -- when specifying "-1" to use the rest of the disk
        for a partition size, it will simply respond with the size:
        prompt again.  A way to work around this is to specify a
        larger number than the actual remaining space.  999999M (999999
        megabytes) is (currently) an easy one.

        This distribution has been tested on the following machines:

                Indigo 2 R4400 100mhz
                INDY R4400 100mhz, 175mhz and 200mhz.
                INDY R4600 100mhz.
                INDY R5000 150mhz.

        Memory sizes tested range from 32MB to 128MB.

        The O2 support is broken in the NetBSD/sgimips port right now.  
        I now have O2s available, but attempts to boot it thus far 
        haven't been fruitful.  See the NetBSD/sgimips mailing list
        for issues (

o       The serial console should not be run faster than 9600 baud,
        or a panic can result.  This is a known problem with the 
        kernel and is being addressed.

Scott G. Taylor -- sgimips @ mrynet . com (remove the spaces :)
        (wouldn't it be neat if the SPAM harvesters picked up
         and used the following? :)


NetBSD/sgimips *TEST* Installation Images and Procedures

 All paths are relative to
        YYYYMMDD is a specific snapshot date

Associated documentation (this file) for each snapshot is located at